KAWS resting place companion RELEASE @original fake - tokyo : 31 august 12


Friday 31 august. Finally Kaws Resting Place Companion is coming out. The meeting point was at 9am at Original Fake in Aoyama tokyo. More people than usually waiting to get a ticket (that says what time you can come back and buy the toy).
About 200 people, maybe more, whereas they said they would sell only 100 toys on this day. As you can see on the video, many old people, mostly chinese, no Kaws fan at all, queuing to get the golden ticket.
I mean, this time many flippers (people who buy to sell after) from China were here. I could see group of them giving there ticket to one person.
I came at 8.50 am, so crowed that I thought I would n t get my ticket, but fortunately, they gave more than 100 tickets. So they will sell about 200 or more resting place companion today. I ll get mine at noon.

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