27/10/12 : American Apparel Presents - A Nightmare on Cat Street : halloween 2012 tokyo


What are you doing for Halloween? Obviously you will be putting on your scariest outfit and drink until the break of dawn... but that's not the point. YOU will be partying with us at American Apparel because we have prepared the sickest pre-Halloween party your mortal soul has ever had the pleasure to attend.

On Saturday October 27th from 7 pm - 10 pm we exclusively open the gates of hell at our Shibuya store and invite you to enjoy our complimentary food and drinks while listening to the funkiest beats this side of Tokyo provided by the Onigiri Boys (Sam Fitzgerald, Kateb and Dirk Bite) and Gui Martinez (JAGR Magazine).

We have cupcakes and chocolate kisses that you will be washing down with beer beer and more beer! And not only will we satisfy your appetite but we have also prepared exclusive American Apparel pins and Halloween balloons all for you our loyal vamps!

Last but not least, those of you who attend the American Apparel pre-party will receive a special discount ticket for the "Scream!" Halloween party that promises "another night of chills and thrills, goblins and ghouls, freaks and frequencies" according to our inside sources. The party will be held on the 15th floor of Legato Shibuya. Check it out on the official Facebook event page and don't forget to click "Attend".


American Apparel Presents - A Nightmare on Cat Street


10月27日(土曜日)19時から22時まで渋谷のレディース館とメンズ館にて軽食と飲物を楽しみながら Onigiri Boys (Sam Fitzgerald, Kateb と Dirk Bite) と Gui Martinez (JAGR Magazine) によるファンキーなDJパーフォーマンスが聴けるよ!




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