15/12/12 : STARZ (art + music ) @Gamuso Tokyo


Saturday 15th december 2012

STARZ (art + music)
drum n bass, dubstep, electro, mashup


Come out and celebrate the end of time. Well the end of The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar ( the alignment of our solar system's planets with the centre of our galaxy/ the Milky Way ) with a night of art, music and ☺ friends. ♫ ♬ A great time to catch up with everyone just before the holidays. What would make a better Christmas☃ gift than some (reasonably priced) original art created by artists whom you can meet and know. This time we will showcase international✈ artists, as well as our local talent.

GFAP SQUAD / the Mootekkis / SIG + TAKAKO ( live paint) / David Whitaker / the Spilt Ink / Adam3 Okura / Chompchomp / AtoOta / Laura / Robert / Masa / SAZA /Terry Killer Panda / Kilin / Modality / MICAH

From 7pm to 4am

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