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H DE LUXE (H 2 LUNE) - french graffiti artist

H 2 LUNE (H DE LUNE) started graffiti thanks to his cousins Vans RCA and Stomy Bugzy (famous french rapper) in 1989. He started practicing on the walls of his city. He was quickly asked to make logos for Abdoulaye Sect AKA Secteur-A and Ministère Ämer (famous french hip hop groups). Since then his has increased its tool palette, from pen to bomb, it went to the needle as dermograph (tatoos).
He never stops innovating and multiplying his media creation with his mates Dj Reyz and Joe J. Walls, paintings, glasses, bodies, are signed "H".

instragram january 2013

Graffiti paintings, Kaws Bootlegs, Kaws Smurfs, Kaws Chum, Famicom Famulator, Terry Richardson, Mademoiselle Yulia, Micheal Jackson, Ghostbusters watches.

25.01.2013 : Hospitality LIVE from Brixton Academy : drum n bass

25.01.2013 : Hospitality LIVE from Brixton Academy : live drum n bass party with : Danny Byrd, Roni Size, London Elektricity, David Rodigan, Nu Logic, SPY, Fred V and Grafix, Metrik...

kaws boba fett - the pictures


OriginalFake KAWS Boba Fett Companion Tokyo Exclusive

Everyone’s favorite Mandalorian bounty hunter, Boba Fett, is the subject of the latest KAWS Companion release from OriginalFake. A Star Wars fan-favorite and hired by Darth Vader to hunt down the Millenium Falcon in The Empire Strikes Back, Fett appears here in vinyl form in his signature armored costume while sporting signature KAWS details throughout. The collaborative figure is due to be available in limited quantities in Japan as an OriginalFake Tokyo exclusive on January 26.

kaws boba fett released @original fake - the videos

Big big queue for the release of Kaws Boba Fett at original fake - aoyama tokyo, this saturday 26th january 2013.

26 january 2013 : kaws boba fett released @original fake - aoyama tokyo

What a crazy saturday in Tokyo. After a big night yesterday, I just woke up at 8.30, took the taxi with a friend (he was requested for this special day), and arrived at Original Fake in Aoyama at 8.50am. Quiet at the first look, but after being arrived in front of the shop, I saw the usuall by queue.

Problem, at the end of the road that is maybe 300 meters of more, the queue continued on the right. 300 meters later, the queue turned on the left, then on the right and to finish, one more time on the right. I had never seen that.

I got friend with a nice japanese guy, Yoggy. He told me the staff said there were about 1500 people queuing. So crazy !!! And only around 450 boba fett were sold. So there was the usuall lotery system (you take a ticket in a box), and if there s a time written on the ticket you can come back to the shop to buy the toy.

After 2 hours of queuing, I finally got in front of the shop, and took a ticket in a box : LOOSING ticket !!!!!!! (on …

SPACE invader : 3D Art4Space + new blog


Bienvenue sur ce Blog qui remplacera mes newsletters et d'où je vous tiendrai informés de mes activités.

Commençons par la sortie de deux nouvelles sérigraphies sur papier représentant la mosaïque Space-One dans l'espace. La première ,3D Art4Space, est accompagnée d'une paire de lunettes qui vous permettra de la contempler en 3 Dimensions. Elle sera mise en ligne avant la fin de la semaine. La deuxième est encore en cours d'impression et vous sera révélée sous peu.

Welcome to this blog which will replace my newsletters and from where I will keep you informed about my activities. As a start please note the release of two new silkscreen prints from an image of the mosaic Space-One in Space.

The first one -3D Art4Space- comes with a pair of glasses which allows to enjoy its 3D effect. It will be available online before the end of the week. The second one is still under printing and will be …

instragram december 2012

Featuring Kaws Smurf bootlegs, Doraemon freezer, Miffy piggy bank, Kaws X Milo White, Suckadelic s Gay Empire, sleazenation s magazine with Kaws design, Kaws Pipo (japanese police mascot), Kaws Harbour City (Hong Kong) bag + a toy display with Terry Richardson X Michael Lau, Kaws s bootlegs, Baby Milo stuff...

ギャルカフェ10sion(テンション) - japanese gal cafe in Shibuya

ギャルカフェ10sion(テンション) - japanese gal (Shibuya girls) cafe in Shibuya - Tokyo.

Ganguro is an alternative fashion trend of blonde, pink or silver hair and tanned skin among young Japanese women that peaked in popularity around the year 2000. The Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo were the centers of ganguro fashion. In contradiction to the traditional Japanese concept of beauty by having pale skin, dark hair, and neutral makeup tones, rebellious youth tanned their skin, bleached their hair, and used colourful makeup. There is a connection to Japanese folklore of ghosts and demons, who are depicted with a similar appearance and often displayed in kabuki and noh costumes. This connection to folklore is further noted in the ganguro offshoot style called yamanba, named after a famous story about a mountain witch. The term ganguro is a portmanteau of the Japanese word gangan-kuro, meaning extremely dark, and guro, meaning grotesque, and the word ganguro can also be translated as &q…