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friday 8 march 2013 : art + music event @ UPC - roppongi shibuya

Also called Universal Product Code.
Friday 8 march 2013 : Art and Music Event @ the "NEW" Pink Cow in Roppongi, Tokyo.


The Pink Cow is a terrific restaurant, probably most famous for their awesome Black Bean Burritos also has a wide selection of Cal-Mex & international dishes prepared with hand selected, fresh ingredients.
Chef Andrew Warden comes to The Pink Cow from a 5 star hotel restaurant head chef back ground and over 25 years of experience. He has even cooked for the Queen!
There is no cover charge for the event so please come hungry for some great food!
For maps, menus and more information please go to

Art: Adam3
Live music: the Mootekkis
Greg Vyrostko
"musician with Blue Man Group"
"The American Guitar Academy"
Stone 36/ Beat Box Crew: β-mons
dj KILLA PANDA / dj SAZA / dj sC14
vj: theMonkeyLover / Miyabi

+ Surprise Special Guest appearanc…

saturday 2 march 2013 : TOKYO BRIGHTSIDE Vol.5 @velours - tokyo

Saturday 2 march 2013 :


Electro techno mashup party in Velours - Aoyama Tokyo.


Progressiveで多種多様な紳士淑女のためのエレガントな夜 “TOKYO BRIGHTSIDE”がついに1周年アニバーサリー!!
都内最前線で多国籍に活躍してるPARTY MONSTERSから人気女性ACTまでTOKYOで1番HOTでジャンルを超えたパーティー。
今回はHINAMATSURIという事で、女性の為に青山のラグジュアリーサロンNEWS HOTELのヘアブースが出店が決定!

DJ TAKAKI / Keisuke Matsuoka / MEG / HIROKO / AMI / OZA / MASAYA(PERVERS) / YUKI(VARTUAL BOYS) / SAZA(JUMP JUMP TOKYO) / SaUrI from Muddy FeeT / Ayano from Muddy FeeT / Keigo ( AKA Killa Panda) / THE DEATH MABO / Diego / YU-TA / Naoki.A / Cammy / Adam3 ( Balance ) / Paul B. Dentini / Shoji /
NEWS HOTEL ( / HENA tagme(Erika)

DOOR 2,500yen-1D

From 10 pm until late

23 feb 2013 : KAWS resting place companion released @original fake - tokyo

23 feb 2013 : KAWS resting place companion released @original fake - tokyo

Danny Brown - Grown Up

Stylish and sucka free, Danny Brown is a Detroit rapper like none other. His punchline-stuffed 2011 album XXX landed high on many best-of year-end lists and deservedly so. On his new Scion A/V single "Grown Up" Brown reminisces about being a frisky little kid over snappy snares and pulsing piano. "Whoever though I'd be the greatest growing up?" asks Danny.

16 feb 2013 : DRUM&BASS x DUBSTEP WARZ : dillinja

Saturday 16 february 2013 : DRUM&BASS x DUBSTEP WARZ @Unit in Daikanyama in Tokyo.
With Dillinja (valve records) and J Kenzo.
Drum n bass and dubstep night, not to miss !!!

今年初のDBS "DRUM & BASS x DUBSTEP WARZ"は世界最強のVALVE SOUND SYSTEMを保有し、20年以上のキャリアに培われた独自の重低音でドラム&ベースをリードする巨人、ディリンジャが5年ぶりに帰還!一方のダブステップは昨年TEMPAからデビューアルバムを発表し、ディープ&ドープなサウンドで衝撃を与えたJ・ケンゾーが待望の初来日!WARNING!!!

DILLINJA (Valve Recordings, UK) 90年、16才で独自のサウンドシステムを編み出して以来、重低音にこだわったブレイクビーツの制作を開始。93~95年には"Deadly Deep Subs"、"Gangsta"(TRINITY名義)、"The Angels Fell"等でシーンに名声を博し、GOLDIEのアルバム『TIMELESS』に参加。Metalheadz、Prototype、V等から数多くの作品をリリース、CAPONE、D-TYPE等の変名を持つ。97年にはLEMON Dと共にレーベル、Valve Recordings及びPainを設立(後にTest Recordings、Beatzも増設)、"Violent Killa"、"Acid Track"を発表。01年、FFRRから1st.アルバム『DILLINJA PRESENTS CYBOTRON』を発表、以後LEMON Dとの合同名義を含め『BIG BAD BASS』(02年)、『THE KILLA-HERTZ』(03年)、『MY SOUND 1993-2004』(04年)の各アルバムと"Grimey"、"Twist 'Em Out" 、"Fas…

new KAWS seating companion - last release 2013

Last KAWS release before the closing of Original Fake in may 2013 : Kaws seating companion in black. After the bootlegs, the reak one ??!!

instragram february 2013

Originally Fake kaws X Flabslab, Monsieur A (Andre) X Edifice Tokyo, Kaws Tokyo first exhibition flyer, Beavisn and Butt Head, Doraemon X Panini, Kaws Stormtrooper bootleg.

Kitsuné Parisien III - MiniMix By Jerry Bouthier

Our new compilation Kitsuné Parisien III is out this Monday! As the Kitsuné Parisien compilation series is selected by Gildas and designed by night bird graffiti artist André, we wanted to know more about them! Read their interview below:

Your best party memory in Paris with Gildas?
- I’d better not tell you that!

Your favorite Parisien compilation?
- Kitsuné Parisien III! Mainly the track “U.V” by Cinema.

If you had to draw Gildas, how would you represent him?
As an animal! (and not as a “Grinch”, as Gildas would probably expect!)

Where do you give rendezvous to Gildas when you meet him in Paris?
- At the Hotel Amour or at the Kooka Boora, the coffee down my home.

What do you dream to say to Gildas?
- I love you.

According to you, which Maison Kitsuné piece best fit to Gildas?
- The Kitsuné…

Dizzee Rascal – Bassline Junkie (2013)

"Bassline Junkie"

Hey turn the base off, turn the base off
Big dirty stinking base, dirty stinking base
Big dirty stinking base, dirty stinking base
Dirty, dirty stinkin big
Big dirty stinking base, dirty stinking base
Big dirty stinking base, dirty stinking base
Base, base, base

I don’t need no speed,
I don’t need no heroin,
I don’t want no coke,
You can keep your ketamine,
I’m a bassline junkie, what?
I’m a bassline junkie, tell them again
I’m a bassline junkie, tell them again

I don’t like it funky

I’m a fiend for a big day bassline
When I hear one I have a great time
A bit of bass’ all what I require
I let the bassline take me higher
My friends think that it’s a bad habit
But I’m just like f-ck you, damn it
If you take my base away
I’ll blow your f-cking face away
You might think I’m over the cup
But when I hear that bassline drop
I just can’t control my actions
But I still feel satisfaction
So don’t come around that engine
I just w…

dj SAZA (tokyo/paris dj) - we call it ragga jungle (raggajungle mix)

Sazaはかれこれ十年以上パリの名だたるクラブ(Le Cabaret Sauvage, Le Rex Club, Le Batofar, Le Tryptique, La Java, Le Glazart, Le Nouveau Casino…)をAndy C, Dj Fresh, General Levy, Elisa Do Brasil, Zen等といったドラム&ベースの巨匠とともに制覇してきた。またフランスの最大級イベントプロモーターであるBlacklabelやNeo Pop Art crewとパリの夜を盛り上げてきた。
現在、Sazaは活動拠点を東京に移した! これまでWombやLe Baron, Velours, La Fabrique, AmraxにてJohn Lord Fonda, Myss, M.S.K, Dj Taar, Crystal, Keenhouse, Lenzman, Concord Dawn, Hilocoといった日本が誇るエレクトロ界の著名人とともに共演してきた。 彼のレパートリーはエレクトロハウスを初め、マッシュアップやダブステップ等数々のジャンルを備えている。
また、Sazaはイベントレポーターとしても活動し、彼が立ち上げたブログにて都内のクラブイベントの情報を常に更新している。 イベントをハシゴして、写真を撮影、人と交流するのがSazaの生き様である。 Sazaの活躍はこれからだ!

DJ SAZA : WE CALL IT RAGGA JUNGLE (ragga jungle mix)

Intro jungle documentary
Chase and status – blind faith rmx
Ed solo – english queens
Benny page – wake up rmx
Benny page – tear down
Benny page and top cat – you ve been boasting
Benny page - last night rmx
Major lazer – original don rmx
Benny page –alright rmx
Ed so…

23rd february 2013 : KAWS resting place companion - mono and black dissected - the pictures from the shop OF

Saturday 23rd february 2013 : the KAWS resting place companion - mono and black dissected will be released at 9am at Original Fake in Aoyama Tokyo. There will be a lotery ticket as usuall to get the time we can come back to buy the toys. It s one black and one grey by person. There should be much more than 500 released. The shop staff said there will not be as many buyers as for Boba Fett, means not so big queue in front of OF !

Medicom Toy Bearbrick Chocolate x COMME CA ISM

Medicom Toy helps Japanese apparel brand COMME CA ISM celebrate its 20th anniversary with limited-edition chocolates. Available in Strawberry, White and Sweet flavors, the chocolates will be priced at ¥980 JPY and will be available at COMME CA ISM, COMME CA STLYE and COMME CA STORE outlets throughout Japan starting January 24.

André & Gildas - Kitsuné Parisien III

New compilation Kitsuné Parisien III is out this Monday! As the Kitsuné Parisien compilation series is selected by Gildas and designed by night bird graffiti artist André.


1 - The Toys - Noise
2 - Pyramid - Wolf
3 - Cinema - UV
4 - G.A.Y - Color
5 - Dombrance - Donna
6 - Le Crayon - Cosma
7 - Logo / eLBee BaD - Give Mo Luv (Boston Bun Remix)
8 - Joris Delacroix - Air France
9 - Monsieur Monsieur - Arym
10 - Beatau - Cue Teion
11 - Synapson - Phenomena
12 - Fauve - Kane
13 - Saint Michel- Don't Bother

23 february 2013 : JUMPJUMP X SAZA BIRTHDAY @EN-SOF - shibuya tokyo

drum n bass dubstep techno electro

Urban blog JUMPJUMP ( is back with Saza s birthday party. Let s party allnight long in the nice EN-SOF in Shibuya. The music will be provided by many wicked djs, and some special performances will be provided !!!

Keigo ( AKA Killa Panda)
Saza (JumpJump)
SC14 (beat respect)
ECKOZ (Mass United/Fix)

Spilt Ink
Paul Dentini
< Karin Pisarik

Ricardo Piras

From 11pm to 5am
Entrance : 1000 yens

EN-SOF (SHIBUYA) – very close to DON QUIJOTE

2-23-13 Dougenzaka Shibuya-Ku Tokyo

WTF : AKB48 girl shaved her head to apologize dating with exile brother group

AKB48 峯岸みなみからのメッセージ / AKB48[公式]
AKB GIRL gotta shaved her head, for apologize, she was daiting with exile brother group!!

AKB48 member Minami Minegashi has been demoted to trainee status in AKB48 after a sex scandal involving her and GENERATIONS' Alan Shirahama came to light yesterday in the publication Shukan Bunshun.

Togasaki Tomonobu, AKB48's theater manager, made the announcement on his Google + page, stating, "We had decided to demote Minami Minegishi to become a member of team Trainee as her punishment for causing nuisance to the fans because of this scandal. This demotion will take effect on February 1, 2013. Moreover, we will give more information about her schedule as soon as details have been decided."

Minegashi recorded a YouTube video apologizing to fans for being involved in a sex scandal. Immediately noticeable is the fact that the idol's hair has been shaved off. The singer shares that she did this herself as punishment for the scandal.