dj SAZA (tokyo/paris dj) - we call it ragga jungle (raggajungle mix)

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Sazaはかれこれ十年以上パリの名だたるクラブ(Le Cabaret Sauvage, Le Rex Club, Le Batofar, Le Tryptique, La Java, Le Glazart, Le Nouveau Casino…)をAndy C, Dj Fresh, General Levy, Elisa Do Brasil, Zen等といったドラム&ベースの巨匠とともに制覇してきた。またフランスの最大級イベントプロモーターであるBlacklabelやNeo Pop Art crewとパリの夜を盛り上げてきた。
現在、Sazaは活動拠点を東京に移した! これまでWombやLe Baron, Velours, La Fabrique, AmraxにてJohn Lord Fonda, Myss, M.S.K, Dj Taar, Crystal, Keenhouse, Lenzman, Concord Dawn, Hilocoといった日本が誇るエレクトロ界の著名人とともに共演してきた。 彼のレパートリーはエレクトロハウスを初め、マッシュアップやダブステップ等数々のジャンルを備えている。
また、Sazaはイベントレポーターとしても活動し、彼が立ち上げたブログにて都内のクラブイベントの情報を常に更新している。 イベントをハシゴして、写真を撮影、人と交流するのがSazaの生き様である。 Sazaの活躍はこれからだ!

DJ SAZA : WE CALL IT RAGGA JUNGLE (ragga jungle mix)

Intro jungle documentary
Chase and status – blind faith rmx
Ed solo – english queens
Benny page – wake up rmx
Benny page – tear down
Benny page and top cat – you ve been boasting
Benny page - last night rmx
Major lazer – original don rmx
Benny page –alright rmx
Ed solo – ragga tip
Ed solo – sensi
Serial killaz – jamaican boy
Serial killaz – lovely woman
Ricky tuff – brighter days
Ricky tuff – it s all love
Greg packer – renegade motion
Greg packer – don t waste it
Greg packer – police and thieves
Dizee rascal – sirens
Calyx and teebee – pure gold


Le Ragga Jungle est un genre musical apparu en Angleterre vers 1989-1990, initialement principalement incarné par la production de Michael West (Rebel MC, Congo Natty Label). Parmi les pionniers du genre, également Leenie De Ice et Ragga Twins.

Aujourd'hui le terme Ragga Jungle correspond à deux genres distincts même si la frontière entre les deux est mince.

Le Dubwise drum. Genre de musique électronique s'apparentant à de la Drum and Bass avec une forte présence de culture reggae. Voix dancehall ou roots, reprise de riddim, breaks reggae pitché avec des effets, sirènes, samples spécifique au reggae y sont employés. Des producteurs actuels comme Terry T (Congo Natty labels), Serial Kilerz, Visionari assurent l'actualité du style.

Le Ragga Jungle à proprement parler est composé des mêmes éléments reggae que le dubwise. Mais la version est jungle : breaks torturés, basse lourde et sèche. Le reggae y est encore plus mis en avant que le Dubwise avec des breaks reggae qui se prolongent. Les leader actuels sont l'Americain Tester, Psychofreud, Dj K, Twinhooker & Paulie Walnuts, Jacky Murda et plusieurs petits producteurs méconnus.

Ragga jungle is a genre of music that emerged circa 1989-1990 and was initially heavily based on production of Michael West (Rebel MC, Congo Natty Label). Early pioneers of the genre also include Lennie De Ice and Ragga Twins. History

The style is credited with engaging the black community within the jungle scene, and contributed to the 'bad boy' or 'rude boy' subculture within the UK. Ragga jungle's popularity waned significantly since 1995 in the UK, in part because the more popular DJs have stopped giving the sound airtime. There was a large amount of rudeboy/guntalk reggae being produced at that time which influenced the ragga jungle sound greatly. Some tracks featured samples of gangster movies, gunshots, and samples of Reggae sound clashes.

Ragga jungle is now a niche sound, with a small number of labels releasing music that can be categorised as the genre. Ragga jungle is the sum of four parts. Jungle breakbeats, rudeboy lyrics, reggae bass lines, and a sound clash mentality. In the 2000s, Canadian and American producers have been gaining popularity with their updated version of the sub-genre largely through online networks, sparking a small, yet international renaissance. Prominent producers of the new-school sound are continuing to build bridges, often re-voicing classic reggae singers to produce new works for exclusive use (as dubplates) and retail sale as 12" vinyl singles and downloadable mp3's.

The renaissance has sparked the return of many old-school fans and producers alike, who faded from the scene or reinvented themselves when the raves thinned and the music shed its soundsystem roots. A dark age followed for ragga junglists when club DJs opted to support the more technical and less vocal-oriented drum and bass productions. Dubwise junglists have welcomed the return of the rub-a-dub sound, and ragga vocals have gradually regained favour, no doubt helped by the crossover of dancehall. Compilations and DJ mix albums have also helped introduce ragga jungle to new audiences.

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