OTHERS by Hypebeast: VERBAL of m-flo and AMBUSH


“Good music is good music. There’s no Japanese music or American music.” These are the words from none other than creative maestro VERBAL. Known for his MC skills in the J-pop duo m-flo, the bold designs from his accessories line AMBUSH and his work with the hip-hop group Teriyaki Boyz — a group which also includes A Bathing Ape‘s founder NIGO — VERBAL can be instantly recognized by his unique and refined sense of style. No stranger to discrimination, VERBAL walks us through his past as a Korean growing in Japan and the culture shock he experienced upon moving to Boston at a young age. Never dishearten by adversity or negativity, VERBAL has continued to follow his inner ambitions in staying true to one’s self, to be inspired by others but never follow, and it is with that mindset that he is able to continually create such fascinating extensions of his personality.

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