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Original fake - the last day of the shop - aoyama tokyo

As previously speculated, Kaws has now officially announced that OriginalFake is shuttering.

“May 2013 marks the seventh year anniversary of OriginalFake, and it is at this time that Medicom Toy and I have chosen to close the shop and company. It’s been an amazing opportunity to work with Medicom Toy on this project as well as working with Masamichi Katayama of Wonder Wall to create the interior of the shop and Konno of Nexus7 who’s incredible talent really added sophistication to the clothing that we produced. I really want to thank the staff in production as well as in our shop. If you ever entered our shop you already know how awesome they are! I would also like to thank all the companies that collaborated with us, your friendship and support has always really meant a lot, and to everyone who has supported OriginalFake,THANK YOU! and I hope to see you all in the next chapter!


André aka Monsieur André aka Monsieur A, born Andre Saraiva is a French graffiti artist. He paints a distinctive stick-figure character, usually with a top hat and an 'X' in place of one of the eyes. He started doing graffiti in 1985.

Born in Sweden, Andre became famous in the late 90's with Mr A, a cartoonish character with a round head, a cross and a circle for his eyes, a big smile and very long legs, which he used to draw all over the streets of Paris. He is part of the early parisian graffiti scene along with Invader and Zeus, and he appears in Banksy street art movie, Exit Through the Gift Shop. His distinctive style, poetic and joyful, and his use of pink color, made him quickly stand out. In the early 2000s, he developed the Love Graffiti series.

Andre was formerly married to French/American electro artist, Uffie.

While he is said to be very reclusive, he appears in the documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. His appearance was shot by Thierry Guetta, a self-pr…

DJ SAZA : HIP HOP SUMMER (cool hip hop mix)

It summer time in Tokyo. Let s chill with some cool hip hop beats !!!

Intro City Hunter
Drake – crew love
Eric robertson – tale of two rmx
Logic – we get high
Cam meekins – cut me off
Cris cab – put in work
Nneka – shining star
Dizzee – let the spirit
Yuna – live your life
XV – swervin rmx
Busta rhymes – turn me up some
The game – born in the rap
The game - Hate or love it
The game - Mama knows
Nas – amy winehouse – cherry wine
Crissy cris – treat you like a lady
2 pac – do for love
cassie – me and you


The dancers rockers of Yoyogi Park. A mix of unique hairstyle with acrobatic jumps. They are real « characters » of Yoyogi Park.


Nigga Please is the second and final studio album by American hip hop artist and member of the Wu-Tang Clan Ol' Dirty Bastard, released on September 14, 1999. This was the last official solo album released during ODB's lifetime. The album debuted at #10 on the Billboard 200 with 93,000 copies sold in the first week. Three months later the album was certified gold by the RIAA. Contents

Album information

During the period between the release of his first album, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, and this one, Ol' Dirty Bastard's erratic behavior (including crashing the Grammy Awards of 1998 and multiple legal altercations) had earned him a reputation as a wild and eccentric member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Before its release Ol' Dirty Bastard announced multiple title possibilities for the album including, "God Made Dirt and Dirt Don't Hurt Baby Jesus" and Black Man Is God, White Man Is the Devil, the later was changed due to commercial c…