WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE - Exhibition @Yokohama 2013

 photo DSC01561_zpsfa5f4f40.jpg

Southeast Asia’s economy isn’t the only thing that’s booming at the moment: this timely exhibition delves into the collection of the Singapore Art Museum to reveal the region’s thriving contemporary art scene. Welcome to the Jungle presents a total of 28 works by artists from eight different countries – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar – and covering a range of media. Notable pieces include Singaporean artist Zai Kuning's films of the lives of nomadic sea people, Filipino photographer Frank Callaghan's pictures of brightly illuminated jungles, and Malaysian-Chinese artist Chang Yoong Chia's series of painstakingly painted ceramic spoons.


 photo DSC01528_zpsaf0ee833.jpg  photo DSC01573_zpsc7ffcf67.jpg  photo DSC01552_zps26f6dead.jpg  photo DSC01570_zpsfa194159.jpg  photo DSC01545_zpsebf4bfc7.jpg  photo DSC01569_zps566466a5.jpg  photo DSC01566_zps1e51faae.jpg  photo DSC01565_zpsbed6a70b.jpg  photo DSC01564_zps22e12382.jpg  photo DSC01562_zpsc43db22a.jpg  photo DSC01546_zps136fa4a9.jpg  photo DSC01542_zpsd6ea962c.jpg  photo DSC01531_zps9c7a51a4.jpg  photo DSC01559_zps7fa7ae21.jpg  photo DSC01538_zps37dfb92d.jpg  photo DSC01558_zpsa7742541.jpg  photo DSC01557_zpsa193b871.jpg  photo DSC01549_zpsc3237feb.jpg  photo DSC01555_zpsdbfbefdc.jpg  photo DSC01544_zps3cd9c8a6.jpg

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