ZEVS exhibition @the container - Tokyo - 2013

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Opening on April 29 at The Container, Tokyo is an exhibition of French Street Artist Zevs’s series Liquidated, which earned him international recognition.

Zevs takes the ubiquitous logos of major international corporations, which we are so accustomed to seeing and covers them in dripping paint. The effect mocks our obsession with consumerism and challenges the belief that purchasing power and the consumption of designer goods proves our freedom. Instead we are the prisoners of corporations and their exploitation.

The images have an ephemeral quality which hints at the unfulfilling nature of consumerism. They are also sad, so many aspirations are tied up with material possession that to have that illusion undermined is haunting.

Showcased in the exhibition is Adam and Eve (a play on Adam and Eve from 1526 by German painter Lucas Cranach the Younger) a recent poster diptych Zevs designed and pasted on New York’s streets. The couple are standing outside the Apple Store, rather than fruit the apple they share is an Apple logo on an iPhone and the leaves that conceal the genitals in the original painting have been replaced by iPads casting male and female genitals taken from internet porn.

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