KAWS - NEWS october 2013

 photo 5f1b42a2370711e3873722000aeb0e96_7_zpsdf0793ce.jpg

Featuring Kaws exhibition s flyer at Gallery Perrotin, Kaws seated companion, Kaws blitz, some designs for the Pafa exhibition, an old advertise from 1995, Kaws at Mary Boone Gallery flyer, an old Kaws Chum canvas...

PICS from Kiyoshi88 and Kaws.

 photo 52075292380411e397e51231390c90c2_7_zpsfd81217a.jpg  photo 1a632e18363f11e3940222000a1fbd52_7_zps0adcee50.jpg  photo cdcde0e6368b11e38daa22000a9e5187_7_zps1d4d92db.jpg  photo 23b2e248378311e3b20722000a1f97fa_7_zps36601c7e.jpg  photo fdbff1be373411e38c3c22000a1fb85a_7_zpsecef8fcc.jpg  photo 88a9bc40332211e3a9de22000a1f92c9_7_zps0c5eff53.jpg  photo 878bb56c380311e3844a22000ab5c50f_7_zps3e4250bf.jpg  photo e3e88d3a372711e39a5822000a9f15d4_7_zps861680bf.jpg  photo ae17e5442c0911e3a73522000a1faf50_7_zps6dce4def.jpg

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