KAWS “UPS AND DOWNS” @ Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

 photo KAWS-Nerman-Contemporary-Museum-KC-AM-9_zps114ff86b.jpg

Over the weekend, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City opened up a new show from KAWS entitled UPS AND DOWNS. The NY-based artist has been on a roll recently (also see PAFA, BAM, MTV, Basel, Tokyo) and it looks like he still has a couple more high profile shows scheduled before the end of the year. For his fans in KC, he prepared a series of of his tondos, character based abstractions, and a large version of his Resting Place Companion. Take a look at more photos below…

Photo credit: WillNYC for Arrested Motion.
FROM Arrested Motion

 photo KAWS-Nerman-Contemporary-Museum-KC-AM-6_zps6a20624c.jpg  photo 303fdoh_zps2e7fb22a.jpg  photo 25aop3m_zps4f9d1403.jpg  photo KAWS-Nerman-Contemporary-Museum-KC-AM-2_zps143539f4.jpg  photo 2yttc0n_zps64fb1baf.jpg  photo so68mh_zps4497a270.jpg  photo 6g8r2f_zps32d6b4db.jpg

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