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Halloween in Japan – Shibuya Street Party Costume Pictures

The popularity of Halloween in Japan has exploded in the last decade! Halloween promotions, parties, and costumes – especially costumes – are everywhere in Tokyo in the weeks before the spooky holiday. The atmosphere is fun, and people put a lot of effort into their Halloween costumes, which come in all flavors – from creepy to kawaii to cosplay and beyond.

We’ve already brought you pictures of the amazing VAMPS Halloween Party and of Halloween in Harajuku. Now it’s time for the main event – Shibuya! Many of the big Halloween parties in Tokyo take place within walking distance of Shibuya Station on the weekend before Halloween. That means for a few nights, the streets of Shibuya turn into a big costume party. We have been covering these street parties for several years now, and it’s always too much fun!

Enjoy these 100+ exclusive pictures of Shibuya’s Halloween street party and hope to see you there in person next year. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Update: We posted 350 new pictures from Halloween night in Tokyo & a video showing the super fun madness the street party in Shibuya on Halloween night. Please check them both!!!


 photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-001-600x400_zps137734f1.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-020-600x400_zpsb3f180ec.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-011-600x400_zpsd05b0ca8.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-017-600x400_zps41f5bf6d.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-007-600x400_zps0688b483.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-003-600x900_zps8e4ad754.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-033-600x900_zps492e6207.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-045-600x400_zpsff8955d4.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-041-600x900_zpsc7059e8e.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-030-600x400_zpsa67ba255.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-035-600x900_zps7393c645.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-046-600x400_zps67815450.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-021-600x900_zps6d55c307.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-026-600x900_zpsc2864694.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-059-600x400_zps51989dff.jpg  photo Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes-13-071-600x900_zpsef8ff7a3.jpg

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