Italian Subway Station : Transports Passengers To Downtown Tokyo

 photo fastweb-2_zps1aed4d46.jpg

The new advertising stint for Fastweb, an Italian telecommunications company, brought Japan to the doorstep of Italy. To promote their new internet broadband line, the company transformed the entire subway station in Milan into Toyko’s Shibuya station – definitely not your typical Monday morning.

Everything was so intricately planned that commuters got lost among the Japanese women in kimonos, schoolgirls in Japanese school uniforms, and cosplayers. As soon as people realized they did not enter an alternate universe, they began snapping pictures with the Japanese women and scattered goth kids. Fastweb wanted its customers to know that their broadband is just that fast.

Here is the video if you were not lucky enough to stumble upon this serendipitous incident.


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