KAWS x i-D Magazine The Collectors Issue

 photo kaws-supreme-id-magazine-the-collectors-edition-3_zps9e190a47.jpg

KAWS (a.k.a. Brian Donnelly) and Supreme founder James Jebbia recently featured in the “Collector’s Issue” of i-D Magazine, giving accounts of their rise to prominence in both street art and fashion. With legions of loyal and even fanatical followers, the editorial feature explores their ability to consistently create pieces that are both iconic and instantly coveted by said followers. Marking the occasion on camera is none other than photographer Matt Jones and model/living canvas Candice Swanepoel.


 photo kaws-supreme-id-magazine-the-collectors-edition-1_zps1f7d3022.jpg  photo kaws-supreme-id-magazine-the-collectors-edition-2_zps9606b50e.jpg  photo kaws-supreme-id-magazine-the-collectors-edition-4_zpsc63c2186.jpg

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