Kyary Pamyu Pamyu : Sunstar Ora² CM *Sunngoi Aura* Commercial

 photo wwwxcxc_zpsc4ae1444.jpg

Major toothpaste manufacturer Sunstar is riding the wave and putting the J-pop sensation, dubbing her as “Kyary HAMiGAKi” – a play-on-words with the Japanese word for tooth brushing – at the forefront of their latest Ora2 toothpaste for both local and international markets, spanning Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.

In a bid to put “HAMiGAKi” on the world map, Ora2 have appointed the Harajuku darling as the “Ora2 HAMiGAKi ambassador,” and she’s charged with promoting a KAWAii and tanoshii (lit. fun) twist to your daily brush.

KPP is repping KAWAii culture by curating the mini-series of interviews – dubbed “i-KAWAii” (below) – with KAWAii pioneers Sebastian Masuda of 6%DOKIDOKI (also the man behind KPP’ KAWAii onstage and on-screen universe), charismatic “cheki” photog Yasumasa Yonehara, Harajuku model EVA, French KAWAii fashionista Vanessa – and of course Kyary Pamyu Pamyu herself.


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