NOWHERE / A Bathing Ape Present: BAPELAND Exhibition Recap

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NOWHERE and A Bathing Ape present “BAPELAND,” an exhibition held in NIGO‘s former home and studio in Tokyo. Considered the heart and soul of the brand, NIGO’s former studio served as a repository for the vast trove pop-culture pieces the designer has accrued throughout his life. For the brand’s 20th anniversary, it has decided to open up the studio to let fans get a closer look at this treasure chest of good. The exhibition includes iconic BAPE pieces, cars, furniture, art, jewelry and much more. “BAPELAND” is running from now until November 24 in Tokyo so if you happen to be in the area, be sure to check it out.

Opening Hours: 11:30 to 19:30
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2-28-12 Jingu-mae

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 photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-5_zpsfa97edcf.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-15_zps7123f88c.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-8_zps53f161c6.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-21_zps8f7d1c70.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-2_zpsfb0e3aa3.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-14_zpsd85e38dc.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-4_zps01745477.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-19_zps3395e299.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-9_zps33336739.jpg  photo nowhere-a-bathing-ape-presents-bapeland-exhibition-recap-1_zps85c32357.jpg

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