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Bassick brings a true underground vibe rarely seen in the bass community, way above par yet still under the radar. Comprised of DJs from all over the world, Bassick goes beyond the borders and brings the sickest beats.. all night. And it's held at some of the sickest venues in Tokyo - and for our 1 year anniversary, we're taking it to Heavysickzero Nakano.

A very special event indeed... we've got some awesome visuals coming from German VJ, Klangfiguren. We've also got live artwork coming from Haluda (dj Halu) and Spilt Ink! And of course, we've rounded up a ton of our favorite DJs to provide dope beats all night long, including a very special guest - DJ Miyu, on 3 turntables!

If you've ever been to heavysick Zero, you know it's gonna be dope but even this one is gonna be different from anything at heavysick you've experience before.

 photo IMG_1530_zpsa005a4d8.jpg  photo IMG_1502_zps80a191cb.jpg  photo IMG_1403_zpsea5a6009.jpg  photo IMG_1301_zpsa99dc8ab.jpg  photo IMG_1524_zpsa7ddfe14.jpg  photo IMG_1367_zps0c712655.jpg  photo IMG_1250_zpsbe0e849d.jpg  photo IMG_1387_zpse5feeb3b.jpg  photo IMG_1390_zps514dad29.jpg  photo IMG_1421_zps27c4a043.jpg  photo IMG_1379_zpsff96b044.jpg  photo IMG_1416_zps1cf1eeae.jpg  photo IMG_1480_zps65625828.jpg  photo IMG_1359_zpsebea9dbf.jpg  photo IMG_1393_zpsf3899ba4.jpg  photo IMG_1383_zps96318283.jpg  photo IMG_1377_zps684c6555.jpg  photo IMG_1270_zps683382aa.jpg  photo IMG_1200_zps9b68b828.jpg  photo IMG_1286_zps1aa1b81f.jpg  photo IMG_1134_zps31a64df7.jpg  photo IMG_1238_zpsd875309d.jpg  photo IMG_1231_zpsd4a3c9ff.jpg  photo IMG_1472_zps5308365e.jpg  photo IMG_1195_zpse9a282de.jpg  photo IMG_1368_zps4fa96874.jpg  photo IMG_1190_zpsf407826e.jpg  photo IMG_1227_zpsb218432f.jpg  photo IMG_1431_zps899c4d36.jpg  photo IMG_1164_zpse589880a.jpg  photo IMG_1275_zpsac927b4f.jpg  photo IMG_1203_zps413acfa4.jpg  photo IMG_1457_zpsf42b5226.jpg  photo IMG_1116_zpsf40f360e.jpg  photo IMG_1115_zpsf01925a6.jpg

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