Emotion Funktional - DJ MIX by Keigo a.k.a Killapanda

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Emotion Funktional (DJ MIX by Keigo a.k.a Killapanda)

Born in Tokyo, KEIGO a.k.a KillaPanda is actually a quite new DJ. However, he has been in the world of making beats, sound design, mixing and etc etc... Loves to create deep, and big bad bass sounds.

Releasing his new track from UK's finest label Certified Dirty Music / DivisionBass.
And many others, depending on what type of music he creates.

He has been playing in several venues in Tokyo, such as
Module, R lounge, Air, Tramp room, En-sof, Velours and so on.
He also has big bad sound system to play outside on demand.

His styles are unique and creative. Every bpm to every atmosphere. But stays in solid phat beat.

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