The First Kit Kat Store to Open in Tokyo

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Amongst a slew of other points, many countries lag behind Japan when it comes to Kit Kats. The country’s appreciation for the snappy, crackly chocolate candy (it has exclusive claim to 15 different flavors) has led to the world’s first Kit Kat store being opened in Tokyo. Named the Kit Kat Chocolatory, the store will offer exclusive seasonal flavors of Kit Kats, even recruiting Le Patissier Takagi pastry chef Yasumasa Takagai to oversee and develop new Kit Kats. The inaugural exclusive flavors will include “Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea,” Special Chili” and “Sublime Bitter” – which infuses high-quality couverture. Look for the Kit Kat Chocolatory to open on January 17 at the Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro.

from Hypebeast

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