Harajuku Shironuri w/ Colorful Kimono Sleeve Dress & Geta

 photo Harajuku-Shironuri-08-Colorful-2014-05-18-DSC6578-600x900_zps393f986e.jpg

Sari is a Japanese student who is a member of Tokyo’s shironuri subculture. You might remember her from these previous Harajuku shironuri street snaps.

When we met Sari in Harajuku this time, she was wearing a colorful layered dress with kimono-inspired sleeves, jeweled shironuri makeup, a sheer headpiece on her green hair, and geta sandals that she purchased in Kyoto.

Sari’s favorite fashion designer is Takuya Angel and she is a member of the recently-formed Japanese idol group NECRONOMIDOL (listen to a song here). For more info, follow Sari on Twitter.

This photo is from a series of street snaps taken while a group of shironuri were hanging out in Harajuku before a photoshoot with Australian photographer Delly Carr. The photographer will be posting the studio photos eventually either on his Instagram or his Facebook!

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 photo Harajuku-Shironuri-08-Colorful-2014-05-18-DSC6610-600x400_zps0475f0d6.jpg  photo Harajuku-Shironuri-08-Colorful-2014-05-18-DSC6602-600x400_zps507bb6be.jpg  photo Harajuku-Shironuri-08-Colorful-2014-05-18-DSC6599-600x900_zps050818d4.jpg  photo Harajuku-Shironuri-08-Colorful-2014-05-18-DSC6596-600x900_zpscd9b7f1b.jpg

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