EMILIE MOYSSON - Famous Fashion Photographer in Tokyo for PHOTO SHOOTING (フランスの有名な女性ファッションカメラマン)

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French fashion photographer will be in Tokyo in august for photo shooting.
If you want her to take pictures of you, please contact Joe


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After her studies at the photo school « les Gobelins » in paris, Emilie Moysson assisted different great photographers. She started shooting for the press book of the movie « Persepolis » of Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud. Today , she shoots for cinema, art, music, and fashion magazines, she also shoots family portraits. She thinks each picture like a painting ; frame, lighting, colors, attitude… She’s still working on a personal work , but there; the faces, the human been disappear, the bodies become fantastic creatures in abandoned landscapes.

« Through her photographs, Emilie Moysson tells stories. With contrasting colors and graphical techniques, she creates iconic photographs. Her portraits are bold and rich in details. Her images are dramatic and poetic. With an intuitive sense, she manages to capture the essence of her subjects. Her work as a fashion photographer gives her to utilize her skills. She merges models with urban spaces. The city provides the moods, colors, and smells that creates the intensity she needs for her images. Each object has a value in her work that gives definition. The photographs have Mannerist aesthetic to the extreme. Also having paradoxically symbolism to express diversity and humanity on the edge. »

Tea Romanello at Drome Magazine

« Emilie Moysson’s pulls the subject, skillful element in her portrait work. The portraits as subjects are unique and take on extreme forms. A figure without a face in the middle of deserted landscapes. The subjects fiercely evoke loneliness. Loneliness is ethics, an example would be as an act of creation.The reality of photography allows the photographer to magnify playing with overlays, modified chromes, drawings on drawing. The dehumanized celestial forms graze mythology. They are invested in sensitive and meaningful journey to the edge of the wonderful world. »


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