L'étoile montante japonaise - ファイトランド Episode 1:澤田龍人- Fightland Ep.1: A New Era

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2013年10月、期待の若手MMA選手として総合格闘技イベント「Vale Tudo Japan 3rd」に参加した澤田選手。その後ろ姿をVICEが追う。

The new VICE Japan series FIGHTLAND, tells the story of MMA as it is today: an ever-expanding, ever-evolving culture where athletes sacrifice their blood and bodies in a shared search for something like art. Since the downfall of Japan's major MMA organizations Pride and K-1 Heroes, the landscape for up and coming fighters has changed quite a bit. The traditional promotion companies Shooto and Vale Tudo Japan (VTJ) have survived however, keeping the MMA scene in Japan alive by being a springboard for young fighters.

In the first episode, we feature 17-year-old MMA prodigy and AACC fighter Ryuto Sawada. He started wrestling when he was 4 years old, and currently lives a life consisting of only his part-time job and training at the gym. He has had 2 amateur fights so far and one professional fight, becoming MVP of each event. Many expect him to become a leading figure in the next generation of MMA fighters.

Vale Tudo Japan is the biggest MMA event in Japan at the moment and Ryuto is seen competing alongside legends such as Hideo Tokoro and Caol Uno in their 3rd tournament on Oct. 5. The world famous Kid Yamamoto was also in attendance, explaining that he "knew of Sawada since he was little, and he has tremendous power in the ring."

Sawada's mentor, as well as pound-for-pound MMA queen Megumi Fuji, will also have her retirement fight / revenge match in the same event against Jessica Aguilar.

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