Time-lapse video turns Tokyo into a floating, endless metropolis

 photo hyper-1_zpse85b12bb.jpg

Two features of Tokyo make an immediate impression on visitors. First is the sheer size of the teeming metropolis, as it seems to envelop you from all sides. Second is the otherworldly atmosphere imparted by its futuristic architecture, intricate network of crisscrossing train lines, and the fields of neon that come to life like blooming flowers after sundown.

These two characteristics have been captured, interpreted, and enhanced in an entrancing new video from Yokohama-based visual artist Darwinfish105 which gives the impression of floating through a Tokyo without borders or end.

Darwinfish105 has caught our attention with his time-lapse videos before, such as when he trained his lens on the giant Patlabor anime robot that made an appearance in Chiba. This time, he’s in Tokyo, and instead of shooting from the ground with a handheld camera, he attached one t

from Rocket News 24

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