Yoichi Yamamoto x Issey Miyake “CH-AIR-S” Installation

 photo yoichi-yamamoto-chairs-issey-miyake-store-designboom-5_zpsab32a2dd.jpg

Following from Japanese architect Yoichi Yamamoto‘s 2011 “2D/3D Chairs” installation for Tokyo retail store Issey Miyake, the two team up again on “CH-AIR-S.” Located in Ginza, Japan, the installation is based off of Yamamoto’s fashion design philosophy, “From 2D Cloth to 3D Dress.” Those passing the store will see a series of tubes — held up by stainless steel wires — randomly float in mid-air. It isn’t until viewers reach the front of the shop window that the pieces come together to form five simple chair designs. An ingenious installation that toys with one’s perception, be sure to check out “CH-AIR-S” for yourself if you’re in Ginza. In the meantime check out the concept video below.

from Hypebeast

 photo yoichi-yamamoto-chairs-issey-miyake-store-designboom-4_zps3fb7da9d.jpg  photo yoichi-yamamoto-chairs-issey-miyake-store-designboom-3_zps2abf38ef.jpg  photo yoichi-yamamoto-chairs-issey-miyake-store-designboom-2_zpsf769ee25.jpg

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