AMBUSH® "MONTAGE" Collection

 photo ambush-montage-collection-1_zps223eeea8.jpg

Harkening back to the ’80s, AMBUSH® prepares to drop its new “MONTAGE” collection. Showing a distinct ethnic grunge-infused direction, the collection features an array of accessories and jewelry, particularly necklaces inspired by traditional African pieces. Keep an eye out for the collection when it drops at the brand’s website and retailers at the end of June.

from Hypebeast

 photo ambush-montage-collection-8_zps4276f579.jpg  photo ambush-montage-collection-9_zps184789cc.jpg  photo ambush-montage-collection-7_zps6af9fec5.jpg  photo ambush-montage-collection-2_zpsf7efdb5a.jpg  photo ambush-montage-collection-4_zps7927d4d2.jpg  photo ambush-montage-collection-6_zpscd3e3dfd.jpg  photo ambush-montage-collection-3_zps0ae753fc.jpg

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