Eilon Paz Photographs Some of the World's Largest Vinyl Collections

 photo eilon-paz-photographs-some-of-the-worlds-largest-vinyl-collections-1_zps94a0e1f7.jpg

After moving from Israel to New York in 2008, photographer Eilon Paz found himself at the start of America’s most recent recession. Struggling to find work, Paz, a music lover, began spending much of his time at record shops around the Big Apple, meeting like-minded people and comparing collections. From there he decided to bridge the gap between his two passions – photography and vinyl records – and give props to the collectors that inspire him by launching the blog site Dust and Grooves. “It’s just me and the camera and that’s it. It’s like two friends hanging out listening to records and then I shoot some photos. It builds a very intimate moment between me and my subjects. When they talk about music they lose all their inhibitions. They just really enjoy it,” said Paz. Having since expanded his series outside New York and the United States, Paz recently published his own book Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting, complete with a foreword by the RZA.

from Hypebeast

 photo eilon-paz-photographs-some-of-the-worlds-largest-vinyl-collections-5_zps72e8593a.jpg  photo eilon-paz-photographs-some-of-the-worlds-largest-vinyl-collections-6_zpsbac3d816.jpg  photo eilon-paz-photographs-some-of-the-worlds-largest-vinyl-collections-4_zps16a937a2.jpg  photo eilon-paz-photographs-some-of-the-worlds-largest-vinyl-collections-3_zps134f99f6.jpg  photo eilon-paz-photographs-some-of-the-worlds-largest-vinyl-collections-2_zpsf6e1601b.jpg

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