3M Headquarters in Minnesota Revamped by Atelier Hitoshi Abe

 photo 3m-headquarters-in-minnesota-revamped-by-atelier-hitoshi-abe-1_zpsd49e1ab3.jpg

Looking to align its St. Paul, Minnesota headquarters with its long list of technological achievements over the last 100-plus years, 3M employed architects Atelier Hitoshi Abe and Peter Ebner and Friends for an expansive makeover. For this piece however, we’re looking at Atelier Hitoshi Abe’s contributions which include the conversion of the site’s central parking lot into a large pedestrian plaza with tangram patterned tiles, the addition of many collaborative work spaces with interactive touchscreens, as well as the redesign of various other public areas, such as the employee entrance and café. The Japanese firm also introduced two new stairways as a way to improve circulation between the different floors.

Head on over to designboom for a look at the portion of the 3M headquarters that was completed by Peter Ebner and Friends.

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 photo 3m-headquarters-in-minnesota-revamped-by-atelier-hitoshi-abe-7_zps62f656bb.jpg  photo 3m-headquarters-in-minnesota-revamped-by-atelier-hitoshi-abe-9_zps1e74abfe.jpg  photo 3m-headquarters-in-minnesota-revamped-by-atelier-hitoshi-abe-10_zps2c9e1d4e.jpg  photo 3m-headquarters-in-minnesota-revamped-by-atelier-hitoshi-abe-11_zpsf1a46610.jpg  photo 3m-headquarters-in-minnesota-revamped-by-atelier-hitoshi-abe-2_zpsd9e619fa.jpg

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