NIGO’s 2-5 Café - New Cafe

 photo a-look-inside-nigos-2-5-cafe-2_zps3d23bc8b.jpg

Following an initial look into the “Pharrell Burger,” we take a further look into the interior of NIGO‘s 2-5 Café. The quaint little space takes an almost paradoxical approach by fusing modern aesthetics with earthy wooden installations. Serving up some excellent coffee to complement the selection of home comfort foods such as burgers and curries, the space offers a relaxing atmosphere to all. Check out the images above and make sure to stop by if you find yourself in Tokyo.

2-5 Café
2-5, Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku

 photo a-look-inside-nigos-2-5-cafe-7_zpsa7b8cc33.jpg  photo a-look-inside-nigos-2-5-cafe-1_zpsabaa31d1.jpg  photo a-look-inside-nigos-2-5-cafe-6_zps0485e190.jpg  photo a-look-inside-nigos-2-5-cafe-3_zps45ea6acd.jpg  photo a-look-inside-nigos-2-5-cafe-4_zps42e47f05.jpg

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