Peanuts x A Bathing Ape 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

 photo peanuts-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-collection-1_zps0428b5f6.jpg

In the latest high-profile collaboration from A Bathing Ape, the streetwear staple aligns with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang for a follow-up from earlier this year. Some of the more memorable pieces can be seen along the lines of A Bathing Ape’s signature camo pattern that welcomes a resting Snoopy integrated into the motif. Elsewhere, graphic-driven T-shirts include varying instances of Snoopy and BAPE branding while a vinyl toy rounds out the collection.

 photo peanuts-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-collection-6_zps27815184.jpg  photo peanuts-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-collection-13_zps35466068.jpg  photo peanuts-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-collection-5_zpsf2bd5eb4.jpg  photo peanuts-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-collection-4_zpscd1ea43b.jpg  photo peanuts-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-collection-9_zps551c6d83.jpg  photo peanuts-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-collection-2_zps03a45177.jpg

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