Profanity Pop, José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, La Luz de Jesus

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For artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, nothing is sacred, not even the princesses and wizards of universally adored fairy tales. In "Profanity Pop" at La Luz de Jesus gallery in L.A., he portrays an alternate magic kingdom, where Minnie Mouse tokes on a bong and a plus-sized Snow White takes a very immodest selfie, and where princes and the seven dwarves are free to kiss openly. So, progress.

Profanity Pop, José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, La Luz de Jesus, L.A. thru Aug 31

from hint mag

 photo Stay-Happy-02_zpsa1f0527d.jpg  photo Dreams-come-true-Daisy-Minnie-02_zps91472c69.jpg  photo who-am-I-to-judge-him-02_zps1a667457.jpg  photo The-Incredulity-of-Saint-Donald-Caravaggio-Tribute-02_zps6ddc7707.jpg  photo Its-a-Girl-thing-02_zps19dcefc7.jpg  photo Saint-Daisy-and-her-pregnancy-test-02_zps4e60660c.jpg  photo Poor-Unfortunate-Souls-02_zps5bef392b.jpg  photo Paloma-Negra-02_zpsb3b512cc.jpg  photo Mirror-Mirror-on-the-Wall-02_zpsb7997f36.jpg  photo Its-Never-Too-Late-02_zps2ed2649a.jpg

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