ANDRE SARAIVA and COPE2 Graffiti @New York City

 photo 10655003_661882937252601_1999142331_n_zps6c99654f.jpg

Supertouch buddy Mr Andre (aka: Andre Saraiva) is back in NYC for some summer fun and so is his signature character, Mr A, who is likewise making his presence felt around downtown in force, even making a guest appearance in a collab with graff legend Cope2.

 photo 10598536_1458545937757689_825053459_n_zps0482416a.jpg  photo 10654912_1455307341416750_992938859_n_zps0e6a42a0.jpg  photo 10611223_826628677355344_997105141_n_zps36e1b3c0.jpg

from supertouch

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