The HYPEBEAST “Made in Japan” Editorial

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Japanese brands have long been committed in shining the spotlight on quality materials and great craftsmanship, which have set them apart from others on the market. Although the likes of visvim launching WMV as well as UNDERCOVER introducing its SueUNDERCOVER line for females, it is the original menswear lines that still garner the most attention. Despite this, the approachability and appeal has allowed these designs to be accessorized by both him and her. We’ve put together our own editorial featuring Melody Yoko Reilly to illustrate the versatility of these garments.

Dubbed “Made in Japan,” we included brands such as Birvin Uniform, nanamica, 02DERIV., White Mountaineering, nonnative, radiant and visvim to showcase how some of our favorite labels can be styled in different ways. Enjoy the images above and let us know your thoughts on menswear brands making their way into the wardrobe of women.

from Hypebeast

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