Nendo Brings Backyard Elements into Retail Space

 photo a-look-inside-nendos-backyard-by-n-3_zpsda8ee4c6.jpg

Again applying their unique design style to the retail arena, here we find acclaimed Japanese firm Nendo lending its talents to the latest store layout by Sogo + Seibu for by|n. Titled simply ‘Backyard by | n’, the store site is split into two sections: one dedicated to a ‘storage space’ and the other focused on the concepts of freedom and play. These concepts are subtly emphasized through use of materials and colors, i.e. the gradient whitewash to natural wood color on furniture, as well as the use of natural, solid concrete through the walls. An exercise in material concepts, enjoy the latest work by Nendo above, and head here to learn more.

 photo a-look-inside-nendos-backyard-by-n-5_zpsde260fd7.jpg  photo a-look-inside-nendos-backyard-by-n-4_zps9e373325.jpg  photo a-look-inside-nendos-backyard-by-n-1_zps1c9c980d.jpg  photo a-look-inside-nendos-backyard-by-n-2_zpsb6bb5b22.jpg

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