TOKYO SCRAMBLE @trump room - Photo Report (part 2)

 photo 10387080_10204419047529686_4394654904567796376_o_zps71479630.jpg

Big night at Trump Room on saturday 29th of november.
The Scramble crew made it big with many djs, a live painter and nice people, on 2 floors.
The next one will be on december 20th. Be ready !!!!

 photo IMG_9848_zps2fbcdb61.jpg  photo IMG_9887_zpseda20c6d.jpg  photo IMG_9903_zps1339c734.jpg  photo IMG_9818_zps6e883e55.jpg  photo IMG_9822_zpsb877ed33.jpg  photo IMG_9940_zpsd3d74de7.jpg  photo IMG_9831_zps7547c025.jpg  photo IMG_9960_zps179f080d.jpg  photo IMG_9935_zps1d690d22.jpg  photo IMG_9888_zps63319e64.jpg  photo IMG_9844_zps31648dbd.jpg  photo IMG_9861_zpse78974a2.jpg  photo IMG_9865_zps106bf297.jpg  photo IMG_9874_zpse48513db.jpg  photo IMG_9910_zpsf08b6312.jpg  photo IMG_9946_zpsed7e3fb8.jpg  photo IMG_9917_zps2ac4eb39.jpg

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