Bonhams To Auction Rare Japanese Whiskey

 photo bonhams-to-auction-rare-japanese-whiskey-2_zps3b6d6480.jpg

Not unlike the resurgence of craft beers stateside, Japanese-made whiskey has also seen a period of growth amongst more endowed parties in the past few years. Revered Hong Kong auction house Bonhams rides this wave by assembling a thorough assortment of rare Japanese Whiskey for sale. The collection includes about 250 bottles from the likes of Ichiro’s Malt and Karuizawa Geisha, both now-defunct distilleries from the 70s, as well as 50 year-old picks from Yamazaki. With some bottles valued as much as $32,000 USD, this auction might be reserved for purists. Look for the bidding to begin in February.

 photo bonhams-to-auction-rare-japanese-whiskey-1_zpsc260d54d.jpg

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