Nekozushi | an absurd combination of cats and sushi

 photo neko-tumblr_mlw0uoNdBK1r0as0ao1_1280_zps2aa869be.jpg

“Happiness and the absurd are two sons of the same earth,” said Albert Camus. “They are inseparable.” Indeed, absurdity does have a way of instilling happiness in us. Take, for example, Nekozushi, the brainchild of Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts (a name that’s equally absurd).

Nekozushi, or Cat Sushi, is exactly what you think it is: a series of felines placed on top of a bed of rice and playfully adorned with props to make them look like different types of sushi. Hooray for absurdity?

 photo neko-57136749_o1_zpsc81fcce5.jpg  photo neko-57136713_o1_zps0fcc32d3.jpg  photo Neko-Zushi-prints9E3_zpsdea61220.jpg  photo neko-57136754_o1_zpsb62d4c97.jpg  photo neko-57136789_o1_zps2e41b17b.jpg  photo neko-57136768_o1_zpsafa72cd8.jpg

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