Recap: Taku Obata – “Bust a Move” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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Jonathan LeVine Gallery recently closed a show featuring the dynamic b-boy and b-girl wood sculptures created by Taku Obata. Entitled Bust a Move, the debut US solo exhibition from the Japanese artist draws from his own experiences as a breakdancer with his subjects frozen in poses and stances that everyone from that subculture recognizes. Also rounding out the body of work were a series of drawings and lithographs.

 photo IMG_8171-Taku-KaiSunny-11_22_14-Levine_zpsff6fdff8.jpg  photo IMG_8162-Taku-KaiSunny-11_22_14-Levine_zps617ae440.jpg  photo DSC08045-L_zpscedf175d.jpg  photo IMG_8236-Taku-KaiSunny-11_22_14-Levine_zpsfe7f2875.jpg  photo DSC08048-L_zps7bf176ce.jpg  photo IMG_8154-Taku-KaiSunny-11_22_14-Levine_zpsf8f2aeb2.jpg

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