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If you’re a fan of the internet, then chances are you saw this YouTube video a few years back of Marquese Scott, otherwise known as NONSTOP, performing his mesmerizing “animation” style of dance. It may look like fancy camera tricks, but nope, he can actually just dance like he has no bones.

Thanks to that video, NONSTOP is now world famous, and he recently traveled to Japan to do a collaboration with the entertainment group Team Black Starz. Together they created something beautiful: a video of NONSTOP going around Japan, inspiring salarymen, old dudes, and homeless people to breakdance with the power of his magic sunglasses.

Team Black Starz is an entertainment group that proclaims themselves “a group of normal salarymen by day, performance all-stars by night.” We’re not completely sure if that’s true or not, but we can’t argue with some of the amazing videos they’ve made. There’s them dancing in their salarymen suits to the Evangelion theme, parodying AKB48, and much more.

Their latest YouTube video features them performing with NONSTOP. Here’s some screenshots from the video, and scroll down to view the full thing. Spoilers: NONSTOP kind of steals the show, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. +++ エンターテインメントパフォーマンス集団「Team Black Starz」と「神業ロボットダンサー」として世界的に有名なNONSTOPこと「マーキース・スコット」がコラボした動画が、Team Black StarzのYouTubeチャンネルで公開されました。  



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