You’ve probably been intrigued by the André’s wild posting campaign of imaginary concerts’ posters, spreading on the city walls of Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Venice or Basel, and the mysterious “Dream Concerts Art Show” Tumblr imagined by André and Maison Kitsuné…

Maison Kitsuné is thrilled to reveal today the upcoming showcase of the street-art exhibition conceived by the French graffiti artist André aka “Monsieur A“, Kitsuné’s long-term friend.

The exhibition, created especially for Maison Kitsuné, will be rocking Tokyo, featuring an installation of ten monumental posters that highlight André’s favorite bands as he envisions what a concert poster would look like if his ideal artists could perform together for just one night.

André’s distinctive artistic aesthetic is painted by hand on ten original Japanese canvas. These paintings will be reproduced in limited edition printed posters by the “Kaleido” process, developed by the Japanese printing company TOYO Ink, which allows to increase the value of color printing by a high quality color reproduction in the print of posters. André’s signature artworks are painted by hand on ten original Japanese canvas which will be reproduced in limited edition printed posters.

This exciting and slightly edgy exhibit will be showcased from september 4th to october 3rd 2013 at Maison Kitsuné Tokyo.

The ten original André’s paintings on canvas will be available for purchase only at Maison Kitsuné Tokyo. Limited-edition printed posters signed will be also available at Maison Kitsuné Tokyo and on our webstore.

Exclusive products have been created by Maison Kitsuné to allow fans to bring these musical dream teams to life in both art and fashion. They are now available on our webstore. Get yours!

Pics from xxxmjbxxx.blogspot

Text from Kitsune

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