Inside BbyB's New Chocolate Shop in Tokyo

Chocolatier BbyB just opened its first overseas shop in Tokyo, and tapped Japanese designer Nendo to design a space as unique as the Belgian-based confectioners treats themselves. The chocolates all look the same from the outside, but come in 30 distinct flavors including strawberry, pepper, lemon, passion fruit and basil. The sweets are housed in modular packaging resembling a drawer, designed to create an element of surprise with each bite. Nendo kept this process at top of mind when concepting the shop’s space, creating a three-dimensional version of the packaging. At the center of the retail space is a floating, transparent “chest of drawers” that holds the confectioneries from which customers can choose their desired flavors. The front of the store is entirely white with the rear cafe being decked out in all-black, a color scheme that mirrors BbyB’s signature packaging cube.

from Hypebeast

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