界屈指の文化都市・京都を舞台に国際的写真祭「KYOTOGRAPHIE – 京都国際写真祭2015」が、4月18日より開催される。

KYOTOGRAPHIE – 京都国際写真祭2015
期間:2015年4月18日(土)- 5月10日(日)

KYOTOGRAPHIE is a high-end photographic event that runs annually in Kyoto (Japan), for over three weeks during the height of the spring tourist season. With a unique approach in Asia to traditional exhibition, KYOTOGRAPHIE presents world-class photography with original scenography in Kyoto City’s unique traditional and contemporary architecture. Recognized as a distinguished photographic event, the festival successfully proved its significance in 2014 with around 40,000 visitors coming from across the country and overseas.

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2015 – 3rd EDITION, April 18th – May 10th, 2015. Exhibiting widely recognized and celebrated Japanese and international photography from 9 countries in 14 iconic venues

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