Super Villian Toymaker Opens the Door to His Bootleg Lair

The Sucklord is a New York-based pop artist who, through his company Suckadelic, manufactures unlicensed action figures from spare parts. Likening his work to that of a hip-hop artist, in that musicians sample snippets of different songs and combine them to create a new product, he notes that his figures are to be considered transformational rather than ‘new.’ Not quite fitting for a toy store, nor an art gallery, The Sucklord discusses how his work creates a dialogue on many issues including workplace normalities, gay rights and even explains why he thinks super villains have the upper hand. Directed by Joey Garfield, the video is an interesting peek inside the studio of an artist who’s creating his own artistic genre.

"The Sucklord" by Joey Garfield from ghostrobot on Vimeo.

from Hypebeast

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