Japanese Design Firm SIDES CORE Reduces the Hair Salon Down to Its Essentials

Japanese design firm SIDES CORE, consisting of husband and wife duo Sohei and Sumiko Arao, has unveiled its design for the RE-EDIT hair salon in Osaka, Japan, which reimagines the atmosphere of a hair salon in a decidedly spartan aesthetic. The bright space is kept open and devoid of any partitions, with the thin curtains, whitewashed walls and concrete floor maintaining a monotone palette. The design is most notable for its modular arrangement, where brightly colored hooks are arranged in a grid on the ceiling and allow the owner to freely “re-edit” the space, as the mirrors and shelves are secured with nothing more than ropes bound to the hooks. Complemented by the plywood furniture and mismatched chairs, the interior is whimsical, yet austere, ensuring a refreshing hairdressing experience like no other. Head over to SIDES CORE for more design projects.

1-7-7 Sakaebashi-cho
Sakai-shi, Sakai-ku
Osaka, Japan

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