Tomokazu Matsuyama "Come With Me” @ Gallery Wendi Norris

Tomokazu Matsuyama is a Japanese-born, New York City-based artist who recently unveiled ”Come With Me,” his third solo exhibition that features his finest pieces, at Gallery Wendi Norris in San Francisco. Matsuyama’s art is heavily influenced by the campy nature of popular culture as well as the austerity of post-war art; these may seem as two starkly different themes, and yet, in Matsuyama’s creations they come together as a beautifully introspective commentary. Come With Me brings you into Matsuyama’s world of curious characters, colorful patterns, bright colors and dynamic shapes that the artist has built himself through his work. His art is an East-meets-West marriage of contemporary art forms with traditional Japanese motifs, and is characterized as vibrant acrylic paint on stretched canvas with ”superflat” dimensions. The exhibition will be on display until May 2, and a panel talk with Matsuyama will be held at the gallery on April 25.

Gallery Wendi Norris
161 Jessie St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

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