The Ramen Poster: Wall Art for Ramen Lovers

In many ways, ramen is the food equivalent of chess. Both are built upon ingeniously simple frameworks (a simple set of ingredients, a simple set of rules) that set the stage for highly complex, infinitely experimental and universally beloved results. There are virtually no limits to the ways one can create and enjoy a bowl of ramen, making it easy to see why ramen, in all its renditions, is so beloved. Fanny, a designer from Berkeley, California, is taking the universal appeal of ramen and turning it into art. She’s created a wall poster that displays custom illustrations of 25 of the most recognizable styles of ramen from different parts of Japan. The poster includes top-down views of everything from Hokkaido’s famous miso-based Sapporo ramen to Yamagata cold ramen, along with the ingredients for each version listed below it. A dedicated ramen enthusiast herself, Fanny’s passion project is proof that ramen, like chess, is far more than just the sum of its parts. A bowl of ramen isn’t just a dish, it’s a culture. Check out the full project currently funding over at Kickstarter.

from Hypebeast

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