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Interview: Yoon Talks Working With Pharrell and How Kanye West Inspired Ambush's First Jewelry Design

By now, Ambush Design is a name you should be familiar with. Founded by Yoon and Verbal, the jewelry brand has become known for pieces that push the art form and fashion forward through a dedication to futuristic aesthetics, surrealism, new tribalism, and pop art influences. It's also famous for the POW® chains, rings, etc. made popular by everyone from Kanye West to Big Sean in the mid-to-late 2000s. But neither Yoon nor Verbal could have predicted this.

Now based in Japan, Yoon and Verbal first met during college in Boston. At the time, neither had any link to fashion or jewelry design—Yoon studied graphic design, while Verbal majored in marketing and philosophy. Yoon admits that when she and Verbal started designing jewelry, they had no intentions of starting a brand. But, she says, "next thing you know, people wanted it and it just became what it is."

We caught up with Yoon, who recently starred in A$AP Rocky's "LSD" video, about the history of…

'Star Wars' by Japanese Woodblock Printing Artisans

Traditionally used to depict folk tales, landscapes, sumo wrestlers and kabuki actors of the time, the distinctive century Japanese art form of ukiyo-e woodblock printing of the 17th through 19th centuries sees a revival in the unlikeliest form — that of the Star Wars poster. Called the “Rhythm Force” project, the initiative is hosted on Japanese crowdfunding website Makuake, and enlists the talents of Japan’s woodblock printing artisans in carving out three compositions from the Star Wars universe. First sculpted painstakingly by hand in relief by a wood sculptor – with a new block having to be cut for each color applied — paints are applied to the blocks before being printed onto Japanese paper for a limited run of 200 prints per composition. Available for just over $400 USD, watch the printing process in the video below and click here for the crowdfunding page.

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MEDICOM - Special FABRICK corner !!! 2015

“MEDICOM TOY Exhibition ‘15” at Parco Museum in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Special FABRICK corner !!!

Siam Center x Medicom Toy Worldwide Tour II Be@rbrick

The Siam Center in Bangkok has announced it has joined forces with Japanese toy manufacturer Medicom Toy to host the famed Be@rbrick World Wide Tour II, an exhibition that showcases some of the rarest and highly-coveted bear figurines in existence. Among the limited edition Bearbricks on display will be from graffiti artist Andre Saraiva, illustrator James Jarvis, photographer Mika Ninagawa, NEIGHBORHOOD founder Shinsuke Takizawa and Hong Kong native Edison Chen. In addition to a commemorative tribute to Thai graphic designer and street artist Mamafaka, a Thai-themed Bearbrick wearing Muay Thai shorts and gloves, and the traditional Mongkol and Prajioud, will also be released. The Be@rbrick Worldwide Tour 2 runs through until July 13.

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'Bartkira' Trailer Seamlessly Mashes 'Akira' With 'The Simpsons'

A while ago the Bartkira manga series launched as a collaborative project to recreate Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga series Akira with The Simpsons characters and landmarks. Now, with the help of over 50 artists, creator Ryan Humphrey, cartoonist James Harvey, and producer Kaitlin Sullivan have released an animated theatrical trailer that is completely accurate frame-by-frame to the original Akira movie trailer that is more an impressive feat of animation than it is a parody. The short video features Bart as the protagonist Kaneda, leader of The Capsules skateboard gang who wind the streets of fictional Neo-Springfield, along with Milhouse as the antagonist Tetsuo, Principal Skinner as Colonel Shikishima, Lisa as Kiyoko the Esper, and more. The creative project has been and continues to be fully executed with no affiliation to Fox or any other companies that legally own the rights to both series. Fans can actively collaborate to the project via online submissions to contribute to the comic…

Daft Punk x Medicom Toy "Random Access Memories" Set

Japanese toy manufacturers Medicom Toy have given legendary French producers Daft Punk the Bearbrick treatment. The ”Random Access Memories” set, an ode to the duo’s fourth studio album, sees Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in stainless steel bear figurines, both wearing suits and their iconic helmets. Standing 145 mm tall and weighing in at 400g, the collectibles are available for purchase at select retailers.

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Bass Music Party : KINK @TRUMP ROOM Shibuya - 07/25

Saturday 25th july 2015


WHITE RABBIT presents the HOTTEST and SEXIEST party of the month at the legendary Trump Room on Saturday July 25th, 2015!
7.25 will feature the best in international and local TECHNO, HOUSE, and BASS MUSIC.
Over 16 DJs, SEXY performances with black leather and lace, FREE SHOTS throughout the night, and FREE White Rabbit giveaways.
Follow the White Rabbit and experience the hottest night and best music Tokyo has to offer.

WHITE RABBITが最もホットでセクシーなパーティを今月の7/25(土曜日)にあのトランプルームで開く。
16組み以上がセクシーな黒いレザーとレースのパフォーマンスをし、夜ずっと無料のショットももらえる。その上に無料のWhite Rabbitのギフトももらえる!
White Rabbitを追いかけて東京の最高の経験と音楽を体験しよう!


// DJs //
+ More

Photography: Kenta Matsui Official

Door: 2500
Facebook: 1…

DJ SAZA - HIP HOP A LA FRANCAISE (90s french HH mix)


Dj Saza has been in the game for 13 years now.
He started as a drum n bass DJ in Paris in small bars.
Then he has dj in the biggest clubs in Paris (Cabaret Sauvage, Rex Club, Batofar, La Java, Le Glazart, Le Nouveau Casino, Social Club…) with the drum n bass headz (Andy C, Dj Fresh, General Levy, Dirty Phonics, Twisted Individual, Asia Dub Foundation, Jamalski ...).
He has also promoted parties with the biggest electro promoters in Paris : Black Label, NeoPopArt and Tekaway .

SInce 2009, Saza has made Tokyo his new headquarter.
He has already organized lots of parties and dj in numerous clubs (Womb, Le Baron, Velours, La Fabrique, Amrax, Trump Room, Module, R Lounge…) with big Electro and Drum N Bass names (Autokratz, John Lord Fonda, Myss, M.S.K, Dj Taar, Crystal, Keenhouse, Lenzman, Makoto, Cause for Concern, Etnik, Velocity, Dj Baku…).
His music box contains lots of Drum N Bass, Dubstep and Trap tracks.

Besides that, Saza is the founder of the …



アンドレ・サレヴァは、ポルトガル人の両親を持ち、スウェーデンのウプサラで生まれ、パリで育つ。1985年からグラフィティを始め、パリの初期グラフィティシーンの主要メンバーであるインベーダー(Invader)やゼウス(Zevs)と共にバンクシー(Banksy)のストリート・アート映画『Exit through the Giftshop』に出演した。東京・南青山にあるクラブラウンジ「ルバロンドパリ(Le Baron de Paris)」の創始者でもある。


André aka Monsieur André aka Monsieur A, born Andre Saraiva is a French graffiti artist. He paints a distinctive stick-figure character, usually with a top hat and an 'X' in place of one of the eyes. He started doing graffiti in 1985.

Born in Sweden, Andre became famous in the late 90's with Mr A, a cartoonish character with a round head, a cross and a circle for his eyes, a big smile and very long legs, which he used to draw all over the streets of Paris. He is part of the early parisian graffiti scene along with Invader and Zeus, and he appears in Banksy street art movie, Exit Through the Gift Shop. His distinctive style, poetic and joyful, and his use of pink color, made him quickly stand…

President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata Passes Away at 55

Nintendo has officially announced the passing of Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, on July 11 due to a bile duct tumor. During his time at the video game corporation, Iwata brought to life the epic RPG Earthbound (known by Japanese gamers as Mother 2) and the early Kirby series. The Gamecube and Wii U can also be attributed to his vision, while also ushering in the success of the DS and 3DS, both of which remain popular with casual and hardcore gamers to this day. He was 55.

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Celebrate Takahashi Murakami's 'Jellyfish Eyes' Premiere With Opening Ceremony

Takashi Murakami's feature-film debut is a loving homage to Japanese popular culture. When a young boy moves with his widowed mother to the Japanese countryside, he discovers that their apartment is inhabited by a strange creature—and that very little is what it appears to be in the sleepy town.

'Rubble Kings' Official Trailer

From 1968 to 1975, gangs ruled New York City. Beyond the idealistic hopes of the civil rights movement lay a unfocused rage. Neither law enforcement nor social agency could end the escalating bloodshed. Peace came only through the most unlikely and courageous of events that would change the world for generations to come by giving birth to hip-hop culture. Rubble Kings, the most comprehensive documentation of life during this era of gang rule to date, tells the story of how a few extraordinary, forgotten people did the impossible, and how their actions impacted the world over.

XLARGE® x SUPER MARIO BROS. 2015 Summer Capsule Collection

Streetwear mainstay XLARGE® joins forces with the SUPER MARIO BROS. franchise once again, for a capsule offering of dual-branded summer essentials. The collection is comprised of graphic tees, short sleeved button-ups, headwear and athletic shorts, embellished with 8-bit motifs from the SUPER MARIO BROS. Nintendo game. Set to drop on July 25, purchase the capsule collection at select XLARGE® locations.

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Mister Hollywood to Open New Flagship in Osaka

Next month, celebrated Japanese label N.HOOLYWOOD will be available in a brand new location as Mister Hollywood is opening a flagship in Osaka. Due to span four floors in all, the yet-to-be-seen space will see Daisuke Obana’s menswear designs occupying both the first and second floors while the third floor and rooftop will be home to “the newly” — a specially curated gallery space to further new ideas and coincide with the label. Mister Hollywood Osaka will open its doors this Saturday, July 4.

Mister Hollywood Osaka
1 Chome-14-5 Minamihorie Nishi-ku, Ōsaka-shi
Ōsaka-fu 550-0015

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Jamalski, agitator since 1991. This is not a marketing slogan. Who else but this MC born in New York City can boast about driving BPM counters crazy, making clubbers and party people going hysterical and breaking the barriers between Hip Hop, Ragga, Jungle, Funk, House, Dub, Techno and Drum’N’Bass? From his debut featuring KRS One in 1990 to this inflammatory Ruffnecks Revenge release, Jamalski has always put himself above cliché, easiness and well-established genres.

When he talks about his vision of Drum’N’Bass through this album, Jamalskidoes not speak about what we think we already know: “For me, Drum is futuristic Punk-Rock, a very underground sound which takes its roots in Hip Hop, Dub, Rave scene or Techno from Detroit but also in Bad Brains music and from all the artists who broke musical barriers…I’m part of the people who don’t make music to please radio programmers.”

very time he holds the mic on stage, Jamalski brings an enormous charge of adrenaline t…