Connel Coffee in Tokyo's Minato Ward Demands Coffee and Design Enthusiasts' Attention

Nendo Design’s latest spatial project is Connel Coffee, located in Tokyo’s Minato ward. ‘Nendo’ means clay in Japanese, and Connel is a play on the Japanese word for “mold” or “knead” (koneru); the shop’s logo takes the N’s from Nendo’s logo and kneads them into two C’s, much like the handles of the mugs used in the establishment were molded by hand. Located in the Sogetsu Kaikan building, the coffee shop’s design leaves the glass walls and mirrored ceiling of the space intact, while the floors and furniture have been overhauled and refurbished. The floors and counters have been redone in hardwood with a streaming effect so that it appears as if the bar flows onto and into the flooring. Lastly, the tulip chairs and tables were designed by Eero Saarinen and finished with the same mirrored surface as the ceiling, giving an illusion of expansive space.

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