SAKE: The History, Craft and Beauty of Artisanal Japanese Breweries

For over 2,000 years, sake has remained a uniquely Japanese product. Though interest in sake is growing worldwide, it is still little understood outside of Japan, despite globalization of the market. SAKE: The History, Stories and Craft of Japan’s Artisanal Breweries sheds light on Japan’s brewing industry, introducing readers to the passionate brewers who make all forms of sake: nihonshu, shōchū and awamori.

A compendium of the most influential breweries and distilleries, this book serves as a guide to Japan’s generational sake and highlights artisanal alternatives to the popular mainstream offerings. Featuring 75 breweries, each profile was based on interviews with the families who have dedicated their lives – and for some, their entire ancestry – to brewing. A well-rounded approach to Japanese beverages, the book includes 60 sake breweries, 10 shōchū distilleries and 5 awamori distilleries. From the northern island of Hokkaido all the way to Okinawa, Japan’s southern-most prefecture, it showcases the geographic and stylistic diversity of brewing methods and flavors across the country. Beautifully illustrated with full color photography by Jason M. Lang, one of the world’s top travel photographers, SAKE both shows and tells readers about the small batch processes, the landscapes where these drinks come from and the people involved in brewing.

For novices, SAKE will open a window to the world of Japanese brewing, and well-initiated enthusiasts will benefit from a curated list of sake, shōchū and awamori makers. Whether you’re a seasoned sake drinker or newly interested in exploring these drinks, SAKE: The History, Stories and Craft of Japan’s Artisanal Breweries will illuminate and expound the diverse world of sake.


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