Cuban Film Posters

You can usually count on the National Film Centre in Kyobashi to put on visit-worthy exhibitions to go with its admirably diverse general programme, and this winter special is no exception: displaying a collection of 85 film posters that cover almost the entire revolutionary era, it shines a light on Cuba's colourful cinematic history. Developing both avant-garde and popular streams after the Communist revolution of 1959, the island's film industry put a lot of emphasis on promotional posters, which were often hand-printed and symbolised the independent direction in which Cuban film – and the entire country – was heading. The exhibition includes pieces produced from the early days of the revolution up to the mid-'90s, covering a turbulent period of historical and artistic change.

In addition to the poster exhibit, the National Film Centre will be putting on a retrospective of Cuban film between January 16 and February 28. Details can be viewed here – in Japanese only, so far.

National Film Centre
3-7-6 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku

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